October 26

#1 — Identifying the hiring need

We understand the importance of finding the right fit and we enjoy getting our hands dirty and digging deep to uncover exactly what type of candidate you are looking for. We get to know the complete job description. However we like to get the nuances of the job it-self and we want to know more than just the job description. Let’s say for example that you have had a recent resignation from a tenured employee, we understand that the chances are good that they took on new/additional responsibilities while in their position. Now the job when they left is different than the job when they arrived. These subtle details are very important to us as we are laser focused in finding you the right fit and we don’t waste your time.

October 26

#2 — Planning

Once we’ve identified exactly what you need (both in terms of hard skills and soft skills), then it’s time to put a plan together. Our aim is to get the “buy in” of everybody involved with the hiring process, on the steps that will be taken and the communication channels that will be used.

October 26

#3 — Searching

We are “hunters” and not “gatherers.” Too many companies are “gatherers,” thinking that superstar candidates are going to rain down from the sky, No, they are not. We are very good at what we do and Hiring authorities and even companies with internal recruiters often cannot match the expertise and connections of a recruiter who “works in the trenches” of the Cannabis industry day after day.

October 26

#4 — Identifying viable candidates

Finding candidates is not enough. We find qualified candidates. Anybody can find candidates. They’re everywhere. But those high-level A-players, the kind of candidates your competition would kill for, they’re NOT everywhere. So searching for them, finding them, and identifying them will be more difficult if the first three steps in the process have not been undertaken.

October 26

#5 — Recruiting of A-level candidates

Once viable candidates have been identified, they must be recruited. In other words, they must be sold on not only your opportunity, but also on your organization. Some organizations miss this important distinction. Top candidates are not just interested in a great new job. They’re interested in a great new job with a great new employer. If they like the job, but they don’t also like the employer, then they’re not going to take the job. Recruiting is a major facet of the recruitment process.

October 26

#6 — (Telephone) screening

Once we identify a batch of viable candidates, most likely passive candidates, who are interested in your position, we begin the phone screening stage of the process. The telephone interview.

Ideally we like to create a list of very strong candidates, all of whom are interested in your position. The phone screening serves to whittle that list down, so that we can move to the next stage of the process, which is the face-to-face interview. But not every single one of them are going to make it through the process.

October 26

#7 — (Face-to-face) interviewing

We invite our top candidates that have made it past the phone screening process into our office and we conduct a thorough formal interview with them. This includes reference checks and testing on various software applications and computer skills and we also conduct a written assessment. Please keep in mind that we can also customize the testing depending on your search criteria.

October 26

#8 — Submissions

Now, we will identify our top 1-5 candidates and officially submit them over to you for your review. The beauty is that all of our candidate submissions will be relevant, reside near your organization, be within your salary range and be hand-picked for you. Our aim is to make your hiring decision difficult, by that we mean that you will be very impressed with the quality of our candidates which will make your decision difficult on who to hire. “They’re all rock-stars, this is a tough decision!”

October 26

#9 — Coordinating Interviews

Once you review our candidate submissions and decide which candidates you would like to meet with, we will coordinate the interviews for you and your team. All you have to do is give us your availability and we will do the rest. We will prepare the candidates accordingly and confirm everything for you and keep things tidy and organized.

October 26

#10 — Interview Follow Ups

After you meet with our candidates we will conduct very thorough interview follow ups with both the candidate and the organization and get their feedback. This is a very critical step in the process as their feedback will help us uncover any concerns that may have come up during the interview.

October 26

#11 — Offering of employment

The offer stage is one of the most delicate stages of the recruiting process. A hiring manager should never take for granted that a candidate is going to accept an offer. However, we will make sure that all of the proper steps are taken beforehand and we enjoy double and triple-checking everything, which will increase the chances of the candidate accepting your job offer. Here’s an important note: We recommend allowing us to extend the offers as this is our specially and we have many years of experience closing deals.

October 26

#12 — Hiring of the candidate

Once the candidate accepts your job offer and we officially secure them for you, we will cover a few things with the candidate, such as; how to resign from their current employer, counter offers, getting them to remove their resume from job boards etc. We also ensure that all offers and required hiring documents are executed accordingly and in a timely manner. We will also provide our candidates with their first day instructions. Included in our service; we complete thorough references transcribed and send them over to you. These references are from the candidates’ previous supervisors and managers.

October 26

#13 — Onboarding of the candidate

What’s the point of hiring the best candidates in the marketplace if you can’t retain those candidates after you’ve hired them? A comprehensive onboarding process is perhaps the most crucial step in the recruiting process. When we refer to onboarding, we’re talking about more than just new employee paperwork and knowing where the bathrooms are located. We’re talking about continuing to make the candidate/new employee feel wanted before they officially join your organization. Many a company has failed to do that, only to see their new employee never show up for their first day of work. We will assist you with the onboarding process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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